The Wry World of Reg Henry

The Wry World of Reg Henry

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According to Reg Henry, his “real” job at the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette has been “composing serious editorials on subjects so boring that police negotiators read them to hostage takers to make them give up.”

His weekly feature can be considered as a vacation from his regular work.

Having grown up in Australia and lived and worked in England for a time, Henry’s columns range from the joys of drinking Guinness, to the perils of being a Carnegie Mellon University brainiac living in gender-neutral on-campus housing. His take is always fresh, if a bit twisted—holding up an odd little mirror to the human condition.

Reg Henry is an award-winning syndicated columnist for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. His work has appeared in more than 150 newspapers in the United States, causing laughter and, at times, dismay depending on the reader’s taste for his dry sense of humor.

Softcover, 204 pages.