Book cover for "The Astounding Bridges of Pittsburgh" book by Robert L. Bowden. The cover is a plein air watercolor painting of two Pittsburgh bridges going over a river.

The Astounding Bridges of Pittsburgh

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Bridges have been in the news for some time: Fern Hollow's collapse and President Biden's infrastructure budget. The bridges of our region are engineering works of art, reflecting the strength and grit of our culture.

Bridges crossing rivers, highways and in neighborhoods have been challenging subjects for Robert L. Bowden to interpret in watercolor. A majority of those pictured in this book are plein air paintings (meaning painted outdoors, viewing and painting the bridges in person).

Bowden was born in Pittsburgh, where he still resides with his wife Diana. He established his graphic design office in the city in 1963. In the late 1960s, he began painting in watercolor for the first time since graduating from Carnegie Mellon University. The Astounding Bridges of Pittsburgh depicts bridges that are necessary to connecting communities and are vital to the lives that are lived there. 

Softcover, 32 pages of watercolor paintings (25 are in Pittsburgh, 5 are major bridges in other cities)

Book size: 8" x 8"

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