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Steelhead Fishing with John Hayes

Saturday, November 18
6 a.m. to 9 p.m.

PG Outdoors Editor, John Hayes

Join us as we travel via motor coach to a Lake Erie tributary for a steelhead fishing trip. The day long event includes fishing tips and instruction, a steelhead fishing workshop, plus time on the water. Also look forward to hands-on help from fishing coaches, a buy-your-own dinner stop and more.

Bait, fly or spinner. Harvest or release.

Where to meet: West General Robinson Street Garage
668 W General Robinson Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15212
(between Mazeroski Way and Tony Dorsett Drive)

Free PGU event parking will be provided at the West General Robinson Street Garage.

What to bring: Valid Pa fishing license and Lake Erie permit or combo trout/Lake Erie permit.

• For fly fishing: 6-8 weight rod and line, 150 yards backing, 9-foot 2x or 3x leaders, tippet material in various weights, split shot, floats, flies in assorted sizes and colors (egg patterns, sucker spawn, nymphs, Wooly Buggers, streamers, etc).
NOTE: Use flies tied on No. 10 to 1/0 heavy wire hook that won't bend in the mouth of a big fish.

• For bait fishing: Medium-weight spinning rod or ultra-light noodle rod, 10-pound test line, tippet material in various weights, split shot, No. 14-22 hooks, floats. Baits can include egg sacks, worms, live minnows (to prevent spilling wrap your bucket/aerator in a plastic bag), paste baits, spinners, spoons, jigs, flatfish and crank baits.

If you plan to keep fish, bring a stringer, cooler and ice. No evening stop for filleting.

Waders or hip boots/socks, landing net, polarized sunglasses, clippers, cell phone, camera, rain gear, jacket, hat, change of clothing. Be prepared for all likely weather conditions.

Lunch, water, no alcohol please.

Money for the buy-your-own dinner and bus driver tip.


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