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11 oz. Ceramic Mug with photo

Custom Photo Reprint

If you do not see the photo you want in our Photos category, you can order any other Post-Gazette photo that has appeared in the newspaper or online. Find more photos in the Photo Slide Shows.
To order your print, provide as much information as possible in the fields below, add to your cart and checkout once you are finished shopping. In addition to the many photo sizes available, you can also order photos on several different novelty items. See the additional images on the left for examples of some of the novelty items available. You will receive your custom photo and/or photo novelty in 2-3 weeks. Only photos taken and published by the Post-Gazette are available for sale.

Concert photos of performers are not available for purchase. Photos featuring only members of the crowd can be purchased.

Select item options:
  • Photo Size or Photo Novelty [required]
  • Page number in the newspaper
  • Photo number in the slide show link
  • Link to the photo
  • Name of the photographer
  • Photo caption [required]
  • Year photo appeared [required]
  • Month/day photo appeared

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